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Simplicity and quality are keywords to the continuous development of Hanne Falkenberg's collection. Every year Hanne Falkenberg adds a few new models to Her Collection which gives her the chance to work out each design to minute detail.

Hanne Falkenberg makes a point of using knitting techniques which combines a stable texture and high finish with easy knitting by hand. Many swatches are knitted before Hanne Falkenberg works up the final model by hand - and then the detailed pattern instructions are written. When Looking at Hanne Falkenberg's designs, you especially notice the geometric simplicity and her work to create space and movement. It brings to mind, for example. Utzon's opera house in Sydney.Architecture is also what inspires her the most. Another feature is that everything must be knit in garter stitch and only one color at a time. On the other hand, there are many entertaining challenges for those who throw themselves over a Hanne Falkenberg design. Almost all designs must, for example be worked out in one - with minimal seams. It can be difficult, but Hanne Falkenberg says, "If you follow the recipe, you get a good result". 

Hanne Falkenberg hand knit kits – gives you Danish Knitwear Design in unique quality.  Hanne Falkenberg folds her talent out of her specific geometric style. Her kits with yarn and recipes selling almost themselves by virtue of their quality and great beauty. Thousands of kits are sold annually through dealers spread across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and England.  And for the first time, the world's first ever exclusive online store of Hanne Falkenberg is now open for you.

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Yarn kits for hand knitting and knitting instructions included